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The Mitochondria Interest Group (MIG) is an Inter-Institute Interest Group at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with members worldwide! MIG is concerned with all aspects of the mitochondrion and diseases in which the mitochondrion is involved. MIG holds monthly meetings, usually on the second Monday of the month (with special exceptions), except when it is a Federal holiday. There are links on this page to the Mitochondrion protein database and other links of interest to mitochondrialists; MIG meeting schedule.

The Mitochondria Research Society (MRS) is a nonprofit international organization of scientists and physicians. The purpose of MRS is to find a cure for mitochondrial diseases by promoting research on basic science of mitochondria, mitochondrial pathogenesis, prevention, diagnosis and treatment through out the world. The Society fosters public education, training and provides a platform for communication and dissemination of knowledge among scientists, physicians and others interested in mitochondria. The Society conducts regular national and international scientific meetings on mitochondria. The Society publishes an official journal named "Mitochondrion" and a newsletter named "MitoMatters

DNA Repair Interest Group  The DNA Repair Interest Group is concerned with all forms of DNA damage and repair. As a major defense against environmental damage to cells DNA repair is present in all organisms examined including bacteria, yeast, drosophila, fish, amphibians, rodents and humans. The members of the DNA Repair Interest Group perform research in areas including DNA repair enzymology and fine structure, mutagenesis, gene and cell cycle regulation, protein structure, and human disease.

MitoAnalyzer is a Java program that allows the user to determine how a polymorphism affects the resulting protein in human mitochondrial DNA.

APOPTOSIS Online is a multifunctional website created by ApopNet to foster international scientific communication. This website  provides a cohesive collection of information regarding apoptosis research. In addition, this web site also serves as a communication channel for researchers involved in apoptosis studies. 

Protein Data Bank: The single worldwide repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D biological macromolecular structure data

Information About Oxygen Free Radicals 

Mitochondrial Diseases


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