Human Mitochondrial Protein Database


mtDNA Polymorphism 


Differences in mtDNA sequence among individuals have been analyzed in human population, both in terms of evolution and population dispersals and in terms of the role that mtDNA mutations play in human disease. Information about mtDNA sequence variation will have a wide range of applications for analyzing disease and developing diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative strategies. A DNA sequence analysis tool (MitoMorphy) was developed to compare polymorphisms of different human mitochondrial DNA sequences. This tool allows the user to select mitochondrial sequences from any two human populations and compare them for sequences variations.  Here, we present mtDNA Polymorphism sequences obtained from two sources:

1) Human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequences of  83 different ethnic groups were obtained from the Human Mitochondrial Genome Database  and presented through MitoMorphy.  Courtesy: Max Ingman

Human mtDNA Sequences from mtDB


2) A 560 mtDNA sequences of different ethnic groups (Nine European, seven Asian - including Native American, and three African haplogroups) were obtained from MitoKor, 11494 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA 92121, and presented through MitoMorphy. Courtesy: MitoKor

Human mtDNA Sequences from MitoKor


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