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mtDNA Sequence Comparison

There are 560 mtDNA available for comparison. Type any one sequence number between 1 and 560 in each Sequence I and Sequence II, and Compare for the Polymorphism.

(We  have Sequence Information from numbers 1 to 560. Each Sequence starts at NT 577 and ends at NT 16023 (complete coding region - L Strand). Any associated information regarding the details of these sequences/numbers will be posted when the information is publicly available)   

Sequence I

mtDNA (Enter number 1 to 560)

Sequence II

mtDNA (Enter number 1 to 560)



Sequences were adopted from: MitoKor

Herrnstadt C., Elson J.L., Fahy E., Preston G., Turnbull D.M., Anderson C., Ghosh S.S., Olefsky J.M., Beal M.F., Davis R.E., Howell N.
Reduced Median Network Analysis of Complete mtDNA Coding Region Sequences for the Major African, Asian, and European Haplogroups.   Am. J. Hum. Genet.: May 2002

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